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  • The development on the site of the old Halstead Place School is underway. A temporary access road has been made along the edge of the playing field to enable lorries to go on to site, turn and be wheel washed before returning on to Church Road and leaving the village. The show house should be open in August
  • Details of the planning application
    Open Market Housing:

    2 6-bedroom houses
    9 5-bedroom houses;
    5 4-bedroom houses
    4 3-bedroom houses.
    Affordable Housing
    8 2-bedroom houses;
    5 3-bedroom houses. 
    The number of affordable homes complied with the percentage requested in the South East Plan. The gatehouse and the old headmaster’s house would be refurbished, along with the Coach House and Stable Block, and these buildings would provide 4 of the total properties, with 29 being new build. They confirmed that they would not be building any flats, and that all buildings would be two storey.
    The new houses would be confined to those areas of the site occupied by the current school buildings.
    A management company would be formed to look after the remainder of the site, and householders on the site would contribute an annual fee.
  • To read Council’s response click here
    Halstead Place School 4th PA


Wednesday, March 17, 2010 



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Halstead Place
In November 12th, 2007 the Planning Inspector rejected Barratt Kent’s appeal against the refusal of their application.

Immediately prior to the appeal Barratt Kent made an amendment to their third application; realising that the footprint of their proposed development was still greater than the footprint of the old school premises, they removed all garages from the planned new properties, thus reducing the footprint to current levels.

In spite of this late change the Inspector still rejected the appeal on a number of grounds :

  • The driveway to Halstead PlaceThe extent of development. 
    He felt that Sevenoaks District Council had been “
    overgenerouswhen they had outlined the area available for development, because it took insignificant areas of undeveloped meadowland between and around the buildings”.

    He also felt that the curtilages of properties would extend out into the Green Belt beyond current development, and would “
    encroach significantly into the principal areas of the site, both inside and outside the delineated area”. He felt that this wouldhave an adverse impact on the character of the Green Belt”.
  • The design of the proposed development
    The Inspector felt that the new houses “are effectively standard house types, repeated throughout the development, irrespective of location. Whilst there has evidently been a detailed study of local materials and form, this has not resulted in anything other than debased imitations of local buildings and token gestures towards local architectural style”.
  • The layout of the proposed development
    Halstead Place Gatehouse
    The Inspector felt that the scheme layout did not relate well to the site in terms of structure or the history of the site. He felt it was “an estate form……an essentially suburban approach (which was) entirely inappropriate for this unique and historic rural site”.
  • Setting of the Listed Buildings
    The Inspector felt that the Barratt proposals were inappropriate in relation to the treatment of the listed buildings. “Insufficient weight appears to have been given to the need to find the most appropriate way of incorporating these historic buildings into the development of the site”.
  • Overall View
    The Inspector was particularly scathing about Barratts overall approach to the development. “In my view, there has been a blinkered approach to the design and layout of this scheme. There seems to have been a drive to maximise the number of dwellings on the site rather than to produce a design specific to a place reflecting the unique characteristics of the site. The development would not be compatible, in terms of scale and site coverage or with the nature of the site…””.

    The Parish Council has always felt that these particular issues were not adequately dealt with by the proposals, and therefore they have formed the basis of the continued PC objections to all three applications to develop the site.

    If anyone would like a full copy of the Inspector’s Appeal Decision, please contact the Clerk.

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