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  • Broke-Hill-2The Broke Hill Development Proposal (Stonehouse Park Garden Village) is for 800 - 1000 homes;
  • a Secondary School and sports facilities are included in the plan;
  • the brochure claims that the site will generate 2.2 million Council Tax;
  • also SDC would get 4.2 million from the government’s “new homes” policy;
  • the brochure also claims that the site is “unlikely to have developed significant wildlife interest”;
  • the whole of the site falls under Sevenoaks District Council;
  • although meetings have taken place between the developer and SDC, no planning application has yet been submitted;
  • Bromley Council has received a proposal for houses at Chelsfield Lakes and for a Fedex hub on Hewitts Farm.  Bromley has refused these proposals;
  • Confirmation has been received from the Secretary of State that a redundant golf course is still classed as Green Belt;
  • The government has also said that development in the Green Belt is inappropriate and can only go ahead in exceptional circumstances;
  • Sevenoaks has a target to build 12,000 houses by 2035, and they are currently updating their Local Plan to allow for this.


  • Broke Hill is in the Green Belt;
  • The brochure produced by the developers contains numerous quotes used to discredit any defence of retaining the site. e.g, it is under-used by the public (even though there are well-used public footpaths), and there is no established wildlife (it is home to deer);
  • the only brownfield parts of the Broke Hill site are the Clubhouse, the car park and the maintenance equipment  shed;
  • Once Fort Halstead and Warren Court Farm are developed Halstead will already have around 480 new homes. This will already make us the most newly-developed village in Sevenoaks District, without including the Broke Hill development.
  • Halstead has one of the 42 Conservation Areas in Sevenoaks District, and the Broke Hill site lies within 100 yards of the Conservation Area;
  • In the 2011 Core Strategy of the Sevenoaks District Plan it says “The villages (Including Halstead) have restricted scope for development and are only suitable for small-scale development;
  • The are many areas of ancient woodland on the site, plus a number of Tree Preservation Orders;
  • When Broke Hill Golf Course applied for Planning Permission in 2000 for 2 refreshment kiosks, the application was turned down because “the site lies within the Metropolitan Green Belt where strict policies of restraint operate. The proposal is contrary to those policies and would be detrimental to the maintenance of the character of the Green Belt”;
  • When the golf course was developed, there was little local opposition, as local people recognised that developing a golf course was suitable use for Green Belt land;
  • We need to maintain the openness of the Broke Hill site to maintain a green buffer between Sevenoaks and the London Boroughs.
  • the great majority of proposed development in Sevenoaks District is concentrated in villages north of the town. This is unreasonable and should be distributed more evenly around the entire district.
  • new developments should initially be concentrated on brownfield sites, until all such brownfield sites are exhausted.


Sir Michael Fallon MP

House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA


James Brokenshire MP
Minister for Housing,
 Communities & Local

House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA


County Councillor
Nick Chard

42 High Street
Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1JG

Cllr. Peter Fleming

SDC Council Leader
Council Offices,
Argyle Road, Sevenoaks
Kent, TN13 1HG


Richard Morris

SDC Head of Planning
Council Offices,
Argyle Road, Sevenoaks
Kent, TN13 1HG


Extract from
 SDC’s Green Belt Assessment
about “Special Circumstances”

SDC Green Belt Assessment January 2017

Stonehouse Park
Garden Village
Development Proposal

Stonehouse Park Development Proposal
(text only)

Halstead Conservation
Area Map

Village Design
Statement (A4)

Halstead Village Design Statement (A5 booklet)


Link to Halstead Broke Hill Development Facebook page

A Halstead Broke Hill Development group page has been set up.  This should help people keep up to date with the latest developments.


  • Please write letters and send emails to all of the people listed in the right hand column.
  • Please make use of the information below in writing your letters.  The information will be updated.
  • It may also be useful to download and read the Relevant Papers listed on this page.  Hopefully this list will also be added to over time;
  • There is also a Facebook Group page link at the foot of the page.  This should also be kept up-to-date with latest information.

A copy of the new Sevenoaks District Council Draft Local Plan can be downloaded via this link.  This outlines SDC’s proposals for future development, and where they may consider development in the Green Belt under exceptional circumstances.
They also list a number of Consultation Days, where members of the public can express their views about what should happen.  The next consultation day in Sevenoaks is September 5th, between 2pm and 8 p.m at the District Council Offices in Argyle Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 1HG.




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