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To view or download a copy of the Conservation Area Appraisal document which was prepared by SDC before the extension of the Conservation Area, please click on this file.

SDC Conservation Area Appraisal.pdf

A map of the current Conservation Area can be downloaded by clicking on Conservation Area Map.


To view or download a copy of a document on Tree Preservation, which also deals with trees in Conservation Areas, please click on the following file.

Tree Preservation.pdf


Copies of the Village Design Statement can be downloaded here.
Halstead Village Design
Halstead Village Design Statement
(A5 booklet)



To see the proposals for each of these three sites, please click on the following links :

  • Conservation Area

    Horse in  the Paddock at the CrossroadsThe map on the next tab shows the extent of the current Conservation Area.

    The new areas included in the extension to the Conservation Area are :

    • Halstead Hall paddock at the crossroads;
    • The Rose & Crown and the cottages along the NE side of Otford Lane, as far as and including "Cromlix";
    • all properties along both sides of Station Road, as far as Clarks Lane;
    • the Recreation Ground:
    • Walnut Tree Meadow;
    • "Kent Acre", "Freshfields", "Holly Cottage", "Tudor Cottage" and "Avebury" in Church Road;
    • "The Old Rectory";
    • the Halstead Place School site;
    • St.Margaret's Church and grounds including the New Rectory
  • Conservation Area Map
  • Halstead Place

    The development of Halstead Place has been completed and all properties are now occupied.

    Access is still available to the site of the Old Churchyard from the public right of way which crosses the open space to the left of the houses.

    The open spaces around the houses are open to everyone and there are dog waste bins provided for dog-walkers to use.

    The Parish Council hopes that the new residents have settled in, enjoy living in Halstead and are becoming involved with the activities of village clubs and organisations.  If you are a new arrival in the village, please go to the Local Shops/Services page for information about most local services and organisations.

    The Walled Garden is leased to the Horticultural Society and there are allotments within the walls.  Contact Barrie Blundell on 01959 533074 to register for an allotment at Halstead Place.

  • Land Assessment

    Like all Local Authorities throughout the country, Sevenoaks District Council has undertaken an assessment of all available plots of land within their area, greater than 0.2 hectares in size.  The assessment made no distinction between Green Belt land and previously developed land, or between available land in towns or rural areas.

    The assessment is officially called the  Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, and helps determine how SDC will meet it’s government-imposed target of 3,300 homes over the years upto 2026.

    All Parish Councils in the District were approached by SDC to nominate plots of land within each parish, which might be suitable for new housing before 2026.  Halstead Parish Council did not propose the inclusion of any plots within the parish.  We simply did not respond the the approach by the District Council.

    3 plots of land in Halstead were included in SDC’s final report :

    To see SDC’s proposals for each of these sites, please refer to the box immediately to the right, on this page

    In each of the documents Sevenoaks District Council has given a priority to construction on each of the sites. Those given top priority will be made available for housing provision in the first quarter of the plan period, and so on until the 4th priority sites, which will not be available for housing provision until the final 5 years of the 20 year programme, so between 2021 and 2026.

    It is worth noting that all three Halstead sites, including Fort Halstead, are given fourth priority and will therefore not be considered for housing provision until the final quarter of the housing provision programme.  It may well, of course, be possible that SDC will be able to meet its housing targets without needing to use any of the Halstead sites.

  • LDF


    The Local Development Framework (LDF) structure came into being in 2004, with the passing of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.  The new act has meant the loss of familiar planning documents such as the Kent Structure Plan and the local authority plans. So, for example, the Kent Structure Plan has been replaced by the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), and in the near future the Sevenoaks Plan (last amended in 2000) will be replaced by the new Local Development Framework.

    The LDF has the following characteristics :

    • a spatial plan, which means that it embraces all local council activities which have a spatial dimension.  It is about integration - how the development proposals of the authority relate to other corporate strategies and those of partners and other agencies.
    • It is a plan which must be  locally distinctive, so it must respond to the specific issues of the locality and not contain policies which could apply anywhere.
    • it must also be  short  and  concise, and avoid repeating regional and national policies.
    • It is also a plan which is about  delivery, whether this is through development or investment in infrastructure by other parties.  The means of delivering and implementing the  LDF  must be clearly set out, and this must be regularly monitored.


    SDC  submitted the Core Strategy for approval and in 2010 it was found to be sound., and was subsequently adopted in February 2011.  To view or download a copy of SDC’s adopted Core Strategy, please click on this link.

  • Planning Documents
    1. Much of previous planning legislation has now been removed by the current government.  For example, the great majority of the old Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) and Planning Policy Statement (PPS) documents no longer apply.
      They have been replaced by a single document  - The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
      To download a copy, click on National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).pdf
    2. Section 106 Agreements also no longer exist.  Their place has been taken by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  To download a copy of a summary of CIL legislation click on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).pdf
    3. The Localism Act has also been introduced.  The document Localism Act - State of Play Today gives the latest information. Click on Localism Act - State of Play Today.doc
    4. New legislation has also been brought in about the provision of sites for Gypsies and Travellers.
      Dealing with Illegal & Unauthorised Encampments.pdf
    5. Local parishes are now able to draw up their own local Neighbourhood Plans which will have an influence on the development of their locality.
      Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning.pdf
    6. Sustainability.  The government has indicated that planning for sustainable developments will be likely to be approved.  Further information is available in the following 2 documents :
      Code for Sustainable Homes - Technical Guide.pdf
      Code for Sustainable Homes - Case Studies.pdf.
  • SDC Core Strategy Documents
  • Village Design Statement

    The Village Design Statement (VDS) was formally adopted by Sevenoaks District Council at the end of January 2006.

    The VDS Committee first met in the first half of 2002, and put together the initial draft of the document in time for a Public Exhibition, held over one weekend in July 2002.  Many of the comments provided by the public at that exhibition were incorporated into the final document. The aim of the VDS is to promote an understanding of the character and qualities of Halstead which are valued by the parishioners, and to indicate some guidelines for change and development which may be proposed in coming years.  The statement is not concerned with resisting change - it is, however, closely concerned with managing change in a sensible and sensitive way.

    The VDS can be used by anyone concerned with the enhancement, development, construction or demolition of any part of the parish over the next 20 years.  These include :

    • national and local authorities responsible for approving future developments and planning applications;
    • local parish councillors, when asked to submit views on planning applications;
    • architects, designers, developers, planners and others concerned with the submission of planning applications;
    • house owners and business people considering changes which will involve submitting planning applications.

    Click on the link to view the Building Guidelines, which are part of the Village Design Statement.

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