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Parish Newsletter

The Parish Council delivers a newsletter to every household in the parish every 3-4 months. This provides details of councillors, projects that Council is undertaking and other information of interest such as trading standards alerts.

If for some reason you do not receive this newsletter, please let the Clerk know and she will arrange for it to be delivered either by hand or post. 

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  • Beware of Scams

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    There are numerous scams operating at the moment. Some of these have been around for some time but we all need to ensure that we remember what they are.

    1. Notification could be posted through your door saying that there is a parcel to be delivered by a well-known company, just telephone “this number” to arrange delivery. And you will be charged an astonishingly high amount for the telephone call. Check with people you expect to send a parcel to you before making any calls;
    2. Do not buy from COLD CALLERS.  Do not give any of your details at the door or on the phone, even if they say they are doing a survey about cold callers !
    3. If you are telephoned and told there is a fault on your computer, IGNORE IT !  No one could know if your computer is “not well” without looking into the computer itself.
    4. 'Representatives' of BT may call you, saying that BT will disconnect you because of an unpaid bill. They will demand payment immediately of 31.00, or say it would be 118.00 to re-connect at a later date.
      If you make it clear that you do not believe their story, they will offer to demonstrate
      that they are from BT. They tell you to hang up and try making an outgoing call.
      The phone line does go dead - no dial tone or engaged tone - until the representative phones back.
      The cutting off of the line is very simple; the bogus BT rep stays on the line with their mute button pressed and you can't dial out - but they can hear you trying. (This is because the person who initiates a call is the one who should terminate it). When you stop trying to make an outgoing call, he can detect this and immediately calls you back. The rep will ask for your credit card details so that you can pay off the unpaid bill.  Do not give your details under any circumstances.


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  • Bulk Freighter Service
  • Buy With Confidence Scheme
  • Community Led Plan
  • Community Websites
  • Crime Advice
  • Crime Prevention Guides
  • Crime Reports
  • Diary Dates
  • Newsletters
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Kent Police Commissioner's Reports
  • Policing
  • SDC Community Plan
  • Village Clear Up
A View down Stonehouse Lane

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You can also get information about crime statistics for Halstead and Knockholt direct from the Kent Police website.

Click on the link below which will take you direct to the relevant page.

Kent Police

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