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Committee member’s needed

A new charity is being set up to raise funds for the redevelopment of Halstead Recreation Ground, including the development of the play area and creation of other free and inclusive recreation facilities

We aim to create a community space where all residents can play, exercise and mix socially in an exciting, comfortable and safe space.

Please contact the Parish council if you would like to join the committee or are able to offer any help.

Halstead Parish Council  Home

Slipped gently in between London and the M25, Halstead is a parish of Sevenoaks, Kent. A predominantly green belt village with an understated history of fruit picking (and school day scrumping!) , Halstead is a friendly and incredibly green and pleasant place to live. 

You might know our name because of the links with the Ministry of Defence - the site at Fort Halstead is credited with development of the atom bomb plus a number of highly classified research and development projects.