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HPC Grants Policy

Halstead Parish Council has a small grants scheme which offers grants to community groups.  The amount of money available is set annually in the Council budget.   


  • Applications must be submitted from recognised “not for profit” community groups. Applications will not be considered from individuals.
  • The Council will not support applications for revenue expenditure.  Revenue expenditure covers day to day running expenses such as rates, gas or electricity costs; grounds maintenance; salaries; or rent/hire costs.
  • The Council will consider applications for small scale capital expenditure such as purchase of special equipment.
  • Only one grant will be awarded to an organisation in any one year, unless there are exceptional circumstances.



  • At the January meeting each year the Parish Council will publicise the Council’s intention to make available an amount of money in the next financial year for the benefit of community organisations. Applications for grants should be made to the Council using the application form available below
  • All applications must be addressed to the Clerk at the official council address. Applications sent directly to members of the Council will not be considered.

Submitting Applications

  • Applications must be submitted on the Council’s application form. Any other format will not be accepted.
  • The applicant/s must state clearly the purpose for which the grant is to be used. Successful applicants may use the grant only for the purpose stated on the application form.