Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

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R5 towards Orpington High Street VIA Knockholt and Cudham
Green St Green – Pratts Bottom – Rushmore Hill – Halstead ( where it comes along Knockholt Road, goes around the Clarks Lane triangle and back out via Knockholt Road) – Knockholt – Cudham – Hazelwood – Green St Green – Orpington Hospital – Orpington High Street

R5 timetable

R10 towards Orpington Station VIA Rushmore hill

Green St Green – Cudham – Horns Green – Knockholt – Halstead ( triangle) – Rushmore Hill – Pratts Bottom – Green St. Green - Orpington Hospital – Orpington High Street – Orpington Station

R10 timetable

Buses to Sevenoaks
Go Coach have suspended Route 3 for the time being and encourage residents who wish to visit Sevenoaks to book using the new Go2 service.



Trains runs out of Knockholt Station and on to Sevenoaks or London. 

Timetables can be downloaded here


To keep up with live travel in Halstead on your mobile, download the citymapper app which will give you up to date bus and train timetables.