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A View down Stonehouse lane

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44-48 Station Road - Listed Building A View down Church Road The Old Rectory

David Taylor

Chairman of Council;
member of Finance;
Ex-officio all committees.


01959 533105 Green Trees,
Knockholt Road, Halstead TN14 7EU

Terry Brooker

Vice Chairman of Council; Chairman of
Planning ; member of Finance.

 0754 987 9380
26 Meadway, Halstead TN14 7EY

Jeff Baldwin

Chairman of Amenities & Highways; member of Finance; member Planning

01959 532421 
2 Parkside, Halstead TN14 7HA

Sheila  Bent

Member of Planning  Committee.


01959 532342
2 The Meadows, TN14 7HD

Barrie Blundell

Chairman of Finance Committee; member of Amenities & Highways .

01959 533074
2 Widmore Cottages, Church Rd. TN14 7HQ

Chris Ford

Member of Planning Committee;
member of Amenities & Highways

 07905831499 Pinehill, Stonehouse Rd,
Halstead TN14 7HN

Karon Grosvenor

Vice Chairman of Planning Committee;
member of Amenities & Highways.

01959 532710 Longfield, Halstead Lane
Halstead TN14 7HF

A View down Stonehouse Lane


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