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A View down Stonehouse lane

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44-48 Station Road - Listed Building A View down Church Road The Old Rectory
A View down Stonehouse Lane

Planning Chairman :   Terry Brooker

Modern Flint Built House,-OThe Planning Committee meet regularly throughout the year to deal with frequent planning applications (40 applications in 2006).

The Parish Council is classed as a statutory consultee on every planning application directly affecting the Parish.  Sevenoaks District Council sets a legal deadline of 21 days for all consultees to submit their responses.

Southdene, circa 1955We are also frequently invited, (as a matter of courtesy), to comment on planning applications which are the responsibility of neighbouring parishes, where there will also be an impact on our area.  A typical example of this is any planning application which relates to Polhill Garden Centre or to the redevelopment of Fox’s Garage, both of which actually lie within Shoreham Parish.

If you wish to contact the Parish Council with your views about a particular planning application, email the Clerk:


The following is a list of Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guidance notes (PPG), many of which are used in assessing planning applications. As you will see from the list, many of the documents are not relevant to the circumstances in our parish. However, links have been provided to those documents which are most relevant when assessing applications within the parish, particularly large-scale developments such as Halstead Place and Fort Halstead.

PPS1 Delivering Sustainable Development
PPG2 Green Belts
PPS3 Housing
PPG4 Industrial, Commercial Development & Small Firms
PPG5 Simplified Planning Zones
PPS6 Planning for Town Centres
PPS7 Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
PPG8 Telecommunications
PPS9 Biodiversity and Geological Conservation
PPS10 Planning for Sustainable Waste Management

PPS11 Regional Spatial Strategies
PPS12 Local Development Frameworks

PPG13 Transport
PPG14 Development on Unstable Land
PPG15 Planning and the Historic Environment
PPG16 Planning & Archaeology
PPG18 Enforcing Planning Control
PPG19 Outdoor Advertisement Control
PPG20 Coastal Planning
PPS22 Renewable Energy
PPS23 Planning and Pollution Control
PPG24 Planning and Noise
PPS25 Development and Flood Risk


To find out details of the Parish Councillors,  please click on this link.

On October 1st 2008 new planning and building control regulations came into force, which affect the size of permitted extensions to properties.

If you are considering extending your property, please check out the new regulations, by following the link below

When submitting planning applications, account must also be taken of the Halstead Village Design Statement, which sets out guidelines for all new developments in the village.

Details of the main guidelines can be found in the
Village Design Statement section of this website.

A copy of the full Design Statement document can be obtained from the Clerk.

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